The Benefits of Virtual Data Review

VDRs are most commonly used to facilitate M&A processes, but can also be useful for other business activities involving confidential information. Venture capitalists rely on VDRs for reviewing company documents when it comes to investing and funding. Virtual data review is also a good fit for investment banking processes, such as capital raising and IPOs.

A VDR allows for multiple bidders conduct due diligence at the same time, which is much faster than an actual meeting. By casting a wider net of potential investors, it is more likely that a deal can be finalized quicker than if the process was conducted with a limited number of investors.

A VDR also eliminates the time-consuming and expensive photocopying. VDRs can be accessed from anywhere, which reduces travel costs. VDR vendors such as Ellington tout their lower upfront costs and the fact they can be used simultaneously by all bidders.

Security is paramount in a VDR, as it is with all technology systems. Look for a platform that offers a fence-view feature to avoid unwanted glances, multi-factor authentication, IP-restricted user access and page-by-page document viewing history. Ensure that the solution you choose is SAS 70 compliant, and that it encrypts data within PDF files. Check if the vendor offers a variety project templates and customizable branding.


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