Secure Document Storage Solutions

When it concerns documents, security is of paramount importance. Data breaches can be costly and reputations of organisations can be damaged by leaks that compromise sensitive information of employees or customers. Using secure document storage systems to keep your records secure, accessible, and organized helps safeguard your organisation against cyber-attacks and other risks.

As opposed to traditional paper files document storage solutions are digital and secure which makes them secure from hackers who may have access to your information. This ensures the security of your documents even when they’re being accessed via devices that are not under your control, such as those owned by a third party or your colleagues.

Many document storage solutions offer several collaborative tools that make it easy to review and comment files. There are also solutions that work with your existing systems, which can reduce the number of applications. This will lower the risk of a breach by ensuring that users only have access to a single platform for collaboration and sharing documents.

In addition to encryption of stored documents, it is recommended to look for a solution that also incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA). This feature is particularly important for employees who work remotely. It is possible for them to be required to verify their identity via phone call, text message or through an app before they are allowed to access your documents.

Redtail Imaging, for instance is a document storage solution specifically designed for RIAs that combines the features of a content management platform with secure cloud storage and collaboration capabilities. It provides bank-level security and can be set up to ensure industry conformance with FINRA or CFPB regulations.


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