Marriage ceremony Traditions in Brazil

If you are planning a marriage in Brazil, there are a few significant traditions that you need to know about. They can be a part of the Brazilian way of life and are different to this Southerly American nation.


B razil grooms definitely wear a tie for their wedding party, even towards the reception. It isn’t really uncommon for them to gift a unique tie with each of their groomsmen and close family members.

Connect cutting

One of the most interesting traditions at a B razil wedding is certainly when one of many groomsmen or close relatives removes the groom’s tie through the reception and cutbacks it up in to tiny pieces. These items are then simply auctioned away at the end of your night to support fund the couple’s honeymoon vacation.

Family and friends

Shortly after saying their involvement, the couple chooses their family and friends, who will typically always be older close relatives or close good friends. They may also have the option to give a best gentleman and bridesmaid.

The Ceremony

Most Brazilians happen to be Catholic, hence a religious wedding party is very prevalent. It’s usually held in a church and can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half (or longer! ).


Toning down a dope is a B razil tradition this does not exist consist of cultures, yet is still taken into consideration very specialized. It’s a method for the groom to confirm his value to the bride’s father.

Pre-wedding ceremonies

Before a couple can usually get married, they have to get a marriage certificate at the cartorio (not just like a courthouse, nonetheless private businesses that can sign the marriage certificate). This takes place a few days prior to wedding day and two witnesses, preferably padrinhos.


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